Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Linux 3.2.1 on ALIX 2d3

It's that time of the year again... Here is a linux 3.2.1 config file for ALIX 2. It's a basic config. It includes upport for the integrated Ethernet, USB, GPIO and watchdog. Also included is WiFi stack + an Atheros card, but you probably want to change this to suit your needs. Compared to the 3.0 version, this has working LEDs thanks to the new platform driver by Ed Wildgoose. The button should be accessible via raw gpio, but not via the evdev interface. Hopefully the platform driver will be extended to cover this, but this requires an GPIO evdev driver first.


  1. Hi david,

    It is very helpful for me in following your blog. I got loads of information. Thank you for ur blog. David I want your help regarding the Linux on ALix 3d3. I want to config linux for Alix 3d3. Could you please help me in doing.


  2. Hi ravi,

    I only have the 2d3, so I can't create the config. But looking at http://pcengines.ch/alix3d3.htm it's fairly PC-like. I was able to boot the stock Debian kernel on my 2d3 back then, so I'd think that - at least as a starter - you could try your distro stock kernel.

    Also, as the 3d3 has VGA output, you don't want my 2d3 config - at least not without enabling the VGA! (I turned VGA off as the 2d3 doesn't have any - so no need to have it in.) But you can base your config on the 2d3 one, as many parts seem to be similar.

    Or just try some more experimenting. "make menuconfig" or even "make xconfig" is your friend. :) Going through all the options is a bit lengthy, but it can be done.