Saturday, July 2, 2011

Linux 3.0 on ALIX 2d3

Update: Due to the way the current ALIX LEDs driver is implemented it cannot be used at the same time the generic GPIO driver is loaded. :-/ Luckily there's some work going on to resolve the issue - see this commit in linux-next.

Just an update: Here's a linux 3.0-rc4 config file for ALIX 2, more specifically for the ALIX 2d3.
This should have all the basic things on the board running, including Ethernet, USB, LEDs, GPIO (not tested), watchdog.
You most certainly want to hand-tune it for your particular setup. No WiFi driver is enabled in the referenced config -- if you have one (or two :-)) wireless NICs in your ALIX, you certainly want to add that to your configuration.

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  1. Thanks for keeping this up to date. It is such a pain to migrate the kernel configuration correctly, so I'm still on the 2.6.32 config you posted a while back. I'm running Gentoo on my ALIX and I've got the build scripts mostly automated, except for the kernel updates. If you update to 3.0-final I'd be very interested in that config too ;)